Asset Protection Program

Asset Protection/Anonymous LLC

Limited Liability Companies (LLC) can enhance the privacy of a Trust and are utilized by business and property owners to protect their personal assets. If you own rental properties, business that is open to the public or have a business that has a medium to high risk of liabilities, you should consider establishing a Privacy Trust connected to an Anonymous LLC.

Wyoming LLC’s are the most private and secure in the country. There are only three (3) states that offer Anonymous LLC filings, Wyoming is most private, more cost effective and the fastest to set up. All of your LLC documents are stored on a secured web portal that allows you to access your Operating Agreement, LLC Status and renew your annual filing fee.

Wyoming Anonymous LLC Benefits

No Tax on Corporate Shares

No State Franchise Taxes

Optional Pass Thru Tax

Low Annual Fee

Confidential Ownership

No Business License Required

No Annual Report

Single Person Entities

Stockholders Privacy

No Initial Members

Unlimited Stock

No Share Certificates

No Minimum Capital Requirement

Does Not Share Information w/Internal Revenue Service

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Asset Protection Package

Register Wyoming Anonymous LLC Entity

Establish LLC Operating Agreement

Establish IRS Tax ID for LLC Entity

Confidential Wyoming Attorney Account

Establish Wyoming Registered Agent Relationship

Establish Wyoming Business Bank Account

Maintain Annual Wyoming Registered Agent Account

Maintain Annual Wyoming LLC Entity

By Combining a Privacy Trust Package w/Asset Protection Package, Complete Legal Asset Anonymity is Achieved and Assets are Fully Protected from Potential Lawsuits, Garnishments, Judgements, etc.

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