Personal Asset Protection

The best way to protect your personal assets (Home, Vehicles, Jewelry, Stocks, Bonds, Equipment, etc) is to create layers of anonymous structures including a Privacy Trust which is connected to a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) and a dedicated online bank account with a separate Tax ID Number to keep your financial accounting organized and protected from potential lawsuits and/or creditors.


Establish a Privacy Trust that outlines who owns the Trust and who is to manage the Estate of the Trust if anything happens to the Owners of the Trust. The Trust Agreement spells out the details of how the owners of the Trust want things managed and who benefits from the Trust Assets if something happens to the Owners of the Trust. All the personal assets are listed on a Schedule of Assets (Property, Vehicles, Jewelry, Stocks, Bonds, Life Insurance, Financial Accounts, Business Interests, etc) which can be easily updated without revising the Trust Agreement.


Create a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) that is named the same as your Trust which contains all of your personal Assets. The LLC is established in Wyoming which allows for Anonymous Filings which means that there is no public information on who owns the LLC. The only name that appears is a Registered Agent who is an Attorney based in Wyoming and holds your personal information Confidential. A Tax Identification Number is established via IRS so that the LLC can file a Tax Return if you have any income flowing thru it.


Set up an Online Bank Account through Relay Bank which is named and dedicated to the LLC. This keeps your banking information private and undisclosed to folks that want to potentially file a lawsuit or creditors looking for personal financial assets. Relay Bank specializes online transactions with easy to use mobile banking and are located in Toronto Canada and New York.


Create Revocable Trust w/Financial & Healthcare Power of Attorneys/Pour Over Will/Schedule of Assets/Special Instructions/Packaged in Binder w/Flash Drive; $1,800

Establish Wyoming Anonymous LLC including Filing/Permit Fees; $1,200

Set Up Online Relay Bank Account; FREE

Optional California Anonymous LLC Set Up; $500

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