Forensic Research & Analysis


An accountant’s work can only go so far…  In matters of financial fraud or any other discrepancy in accounting records, the need for more than just the numbers  exits… Facts behind the numbers need to be identified… Our skills at forensic accounting can help attorneys and law firms determine exactly why numbers are failing to match… We have just the sort of experience that is needed to see what’s going on behind the scenes through an in-depth financial analysis.

The business world is changing day by day, and with the all-encompassing grasp of digital commerce, as well as the evolving markets found on the internet, it seems quite the struggle to manage the risk of fraud and misconduct through financial records….  We have the skills and qualifications to not only provide detailed financial analysis to identify any problematic or suspect accounting practices…

In light of any issues or discrepancies… We are able to dig deep behind the numbers to find the root of the problem… We can identify suspicious accounting procedures and other financial irregularities.. Should a problem be found, we can help diagnose the cause and provide assist with valuable solutions to the financial woes of your client’s accounts and businesses.